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Custom Design

Wendy Griffin has achieved success and gained a prodigious elite following for her custom work. Always aligning herself to each individual’s needs and desires. "I design from a place of harmony, embracing the unique beauty and energy in each client, honoring who they are as individuals, my approach is extremely personal and attentive to each patron of my work. I love the wonderful people I get to meet and design for, I am truly blessed in the work that I do. “Her designs are highly imaginative, drawing her inspiration from nature, the diversity of cultures and the luxury lifestyle.”
People fall in love with a work of art because it speaks to them. Sometimes, the art starts as a dream or a loose idea or an emotion or moment that someone feels simply compelled to capture. I have been creating commissioned one-of a kind necklace’s, pendant’s, earrings and rings (and of course, wedding rings!) for all types of people (the quiet art collector to the Hollywood celebrity) and out of all types of precious metals and gemstones for over a decade. My clients are not all creative professionals, either. You don’t need to be a working artist with a dream, To realize such as I create with my jewelry. There are numerous “must-have” pieces I’ve created that started simply as a loose idea, an emotion or a moment a client had asked me to capture for them. Let me make your dreams for yourself, or someone most special to you, become a reality. They’ll last forever.