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Q; Is it safe to use my credit card on your site
A: Shopping at www.wendygriffin.com is safe. All order information sent to wendygriffin.com is encrypted. The information requested from the customer during the checkout process is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into our payment gateway provider’s database. After a customer completes a transaction on our website, their credit card information will not be stored on our servers.


Q; When will my credit card be charged for my order?
A: wendygriffin.com charges your credit card for the full amount when the order is placed.


Q; How do I know when my order has shipped?
A: Orders are shipped on weekdays only. Once your order has shipped you will receive a confirmation email directly from wendygriffin.com with all details. Please be sure to check your spam folder in the case that they are redirected there.


Q; Does Wendygriffin.com ship internationally?
A: Yes, International orders are always welcome . International shipments can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. We are unable to provide tracking for international packages. All non-US customers are responsible for the duties and taxes imposed by the local regulations in the destination country. Because of the shipping method, there will be no tracking provided outside of the U.S. All sales outside U.S. are final. No returns are accepted.


Q; Can you ship to a P.O. Box?
A: Wendygriffin.com does not ship to P.O.Boxes All orders must be shipped to a standard address


Q; What is Vermeil?
A: Vermeil at wendygriffin is 925 sterling silver base that has layers of either 14kt or 18kt gold on top, and wendy griffin guarantees our gold vermeil is of the highest quality.
The Code of Federal Regulations 16, Part 23.5 defines Vermeil: "An industry product may be described or marked as 'vermeil' if it consists of a base of Sterling Silver coated or plated on all significant surfaces with Gold or Gold alloy of not less than 10 karat fineness, that is of substantial thickness and a minimum thickness throughout equivalent to two and one half (2 ½) microns (or approximately 1/10000ths of an inch) of fine Gold." Less than 2.5 microns is NOT Vermeil and is simply gold plating only, at wendygriffin.com we only offer Vermeil which is more durable than simple plating. It is pronounced “vehr-may


Q; How do I care for my Vermeil jewelry?
A: Always remove your gold vermeil jewelry when applying, lotions, creams and perfumes. Never wear swimming, chlorine can permanently damage your vermeil jewelry. Always use a clean soft polishing cloth. A flannel cloth works well also. Always store in a jewelry box .


Q; Will my Sterling Silver jewelry tarnish?
A: As with most precious metals, sterling silver does tarnish, although the more it is worn the longer it will take to tarnish. You should always avoid wearing when using chlorine or bleach. You can clean with mild soap and water with a soft cloth or a soft toothbrush. We do not recommend dip style cleaning solutions, because of our oxidization technique that is used on many pieces to intentionally to blacken the silver for a specific antique look.