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I feel so blessed that I have been given a gift that I can share
with others and shine my light through my designs.
Los Angeles based fine jewelry designer, Wendy Griffin spent her childhood years in the Canadian countryside. The ineffable beauty in nature is still a main source of inspiration for Wendy’s classic designs. Using the highest quality metals and gemstones, her highly coveted jewelry has been worn by film and television stars, both on- and off-camera.
Creating her one-of-a-kind designs is much like unwrapping a dearly anticipated gift from someone close, she says. Paralleling the integrity inherent to her work is perhaps most evident by her recent endeavor to create a stunning custom piece of jewelry to benefit cancer research.
A spiritual seeker, Wendy brings prayer into the creative process of all her pieces, each reflecting her equally eclectic interest in art and culture. Her designs have a timeless quality, which Wendy hopes serves to remind her clients of their own divine inner beauty.
Wendy studied jewelry design and fine art in Florence, Italy and has exhibited her work at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA)
Wendy Griffin lives in Los Angeles with her son, Hunter and rescue dog, Cricket.
I design for the confident, strong and empowered person, that woman (or man)
who commands attention because they know their worth, and they wear it well.
I always strive for excellence in my work. I absolutely love
that great jewelry is so intimate and so special to its owner.