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COLOR OF THE YEAR Radiant Orchid

Pantone, the company which sets the color fashion for designers, has declared “radiant orchid” the color for 2014. It is fresh, vibrant and depicts the mood of 2014 which is one of Joy and Positive Change. I have always thought of purple as a positive color it is so royal and magical to me. I am absolutely enthralled when I am designing with Amethyst . I have a large crystal in the entrance of my home and I marvel at it's beauty. Working with it when I am designing is such a delight.

If you are thinking of a jewelry gift or jewelry for yourself, Gemstones of Purple are always a hit!


I am so excited to share with you, all my beautiful and wonderful jewelry in the family of purple, since “radiant orchid” is the it color of the year! It is completely intoxicating for me to work with and create with this exciting color, I have so much fun.
When I make jewelry, there is a feeling that the stone is calling me to create its life, birth its beauty and give it a foundation of solid sterling silver, gold or gold vermeil. Then, like magic, it becomes a piece of art, ready to adorn a person and, just like a spotlight, that jewelry makes a person sparkle & shine.



Be in fashion all year long with gemstones in the purple hue.


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